Are Hard Plastic Kiddie Pools Recyclable?

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Hard plastic kiddie pools are insanely hard to keep up with, and too often, they become downright unusable. Do your backyard a favor and find a way to recycle or repurpose that old pool instead of letting it sit. Now, here is the question – are hard plastic kiddie pools recyclable?

The answer is: no. Most hard plastic kiddie pools are not actually recyclable.

Let’s look at the reason behind why are hard plastic kiddie pools recyclable sometimes, and sometimes not? It makes a big difference when you go to get rid of your kiddie pool.

Are Hard Plastic Kiddie Pools Recyclable?

Are Hard Plastic Kiddie Pools Recyclable?

No, hard plastic kiddie pools are not usually recyclable. It depends on the type of plastic.

PVC kiddie pools are not recyclable, which is the most common material. However, there are low-density polyethylene (LDPE) kiddie pools available that can be recycled.

Always try to buy items and toys that are recyclable. Unless repurposed, you probably will not use a kiddie pool anymore once your kids become teenagers because they will want a full-sized pool and will truthfully be much too big for the kiddie pool.

Thinking ahead by purchasing a kiddie pool made of recyclable plastic will add to the little bit of effort people have put forth to clear landfills. Less garbage happens when we make the most out of everything we buy.

Reuse or Recycle?

Are Hard Plastic Kiddie Pools Recyclable?

For a hard plastic kiddie pool that is not recyclable, repurposing is a fantastic way to make the most out of it.

Reusing an item not only helps the environment by keeping the pool out of the trash, but it also makes the most of the money you spent at the time of purchase.

Ways to Reuse a Plastic Kiddie Pool

You can use hard plastic kiddie pools in many ways. Here are a few great ideas to make the most of an unused plastic kiddie pool.

Repurpose a kiddie pool for newborn arrivals in the house or use it for more practical reasons in landscaping.

Make a Ball Pit

Are Hard Plastic Kiddie Pools Recyclable?
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Every kid needs a ball pit! Unfortunately, inflatable ball pits can cost anywhere from $45 to several hundred dollars, and that is not even including the balls that go in the pit.

Homemade ball pits are better than store-bought options because they are super inexpensive, and the kids won’t even tell the difference.

No matter what the reason is for you not wanting to use the kiddie pool as a pool anymore – the water costs too much to refill all the time, frogs like to make it their home, or your child hates swimming – it could serve better as a ball pit.

What is wonderful about this idea is that the ball pit can go inside or outside the house, unlike a pool, which should stay outdoors.

To make a ball pit out of your hard plastic kiddie pool, start by thoroughly cleaning the kiddie pool inside and out. Use a hard-bristle scrub brush and regular dish soap with warm water to scrub out any dirt or slimy remnants leftover from old water in the pool.

Are Hard Plastic Kiddie Pools Recyclable?

After cleaning out the kiddie pool, remember to rinse it well with a water hose and use a towel to dry or let it sit out under the sun.

Once completely dried, find yourself some colorful plastic balls that can go in the pit. Amazon has many affordable options for ball pit balls.

Make sure there are plenty to fill the new and improved ball pit at least halfway, and then test it out for yourself when the balls come in the mail!

Turn It into a Garden

Kiddie pools are the perfect size for creating a small garden.

Repurposing your kiddie pool as a new garden is incredibly inexpensive compared to buying large flowerpots, which cost a lot to buy individually. It also keeps nutrients and roots contained within the space of the pool.

Start with your new creation by wiping out the pool. The kiddie pool is going to hold dirt and soil, so do not worry about making it perfectly clean.

Then, cut out four equal sections from the bottom of the pool to help with water drainage.

If you prefer to keep the kiddie pool intact and separated from the ground below, that can work as well. Just be sure not to overwater the finished garden since that could lead to mold.

Since kiddie pools are generally large, more than one type of plant can live in the garden. Watermelons, tree starters, and tomato plants are all perfect for this size of the garden.

Collect Rainwater

Another way to repurpose a hard plastic kiddie pool is to use it as a rain barrel. Set the kiddie pool outside with complete exposure to the sky and let the rain fill it up every month.

Once it is full, connect a hose to the spout on the bottom of the kiddie pool and use the water to hydrate plants nearby.

are hard plastic kiddie pools recyclable?

How to Keep Kiddie Pools Clean

When considering ways to recycle a hard plastic kiddie pool, you may have realized that the hardest part about maintaining a kiddie pool is just that – maintenance.

Small kiddie pools do not use expensive filtration systems and chemicals to clarify the water, so keeping the pool clean ends up feeling not worth the hassle.

The best way to keep a kiddie pool clean is to rinse it out after each use.

Try to find a better method of cleaning before throwing out that old plastic kiddie pool that you have given up on.

What To Do With Your Used Kiddie Pool

Are hard plastic kiddie pools recyclable, or are they better off serving another purpose?

Ball pits, gardens, fish ponds, and rain barrels are all perfect ways to reuse a hard plastic kiddie pool instead of throwing it away.

Make the most of your money by repurposing your kiddie pool and think about doing the same with other old toys.

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