Amazon Prime Day – Best Gardening Deals for 2020

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Santa’s here.

I know, it isn’t Christmas yet, but it is that time of year when Santa dons Blue and White and gives you bucket loads of discounts on things you have wanted for so long. 


Amazon Prime Day is here and we, like always, are here to make the buying decision easier so you get the best bang for your buck.

Experts at YardSurfer have been keeping a close eye on Amazon for the last few weeks and have picked out the best deals for 2020. 

Not just on lawnmowers and other yard-related products but pretty much everything that will be useful around the house or for your kids. So let’s dig right into it.

When Is Amazon Prime Day?

Amazon Prime Day begins on 13th October 2020 and ends on 14th October 2020. This isn’t a lot of time and items will run out of stock since like you, there are millions of people waiting to grab a discounted price.

So if there’s something you dearly want waiting in your cart, make sure to sign up for Prime beforehand and keep a reminder for the 13th.

Note: Check Out When the Sale Goes Live

We understand this year has been a trial by fire, especially for small businesses and here’s your chance to help them out while getting a bargain yourself.

Between 9/28/ to 10/12, for every $10 spent on select US-based small businesses, you will be rewarded with $10 to spend on Prime Day! (it is the day that just keeps on giving).

So whether you are looking for mowers, leaf blowers, fertilizers, etc. choose from a wide array of local businesses to help both them and yourself.

Best Prime Day Deal for Your Yard

We’ve selected a few products that might peek your interest. These Prime Day products can benefit any gardener, so why not take a look?

#1: Hydroponics Growing System

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If you want to grow your favorite herbs in the comfort of your home, here’s your best chance. The VegeBox hydroponics is one of the newest hydroponic systems on the block and thus available as a Prime Early Access Deal for less than $100.

It gives you the freedom to pot 9 plans so whether it is Basil, Thyme, or Cherry Tomatoes that you want; you can now do it even without an expensive backyard. Plus, it is way faster.

And what makes the entire process hassle-free and quick are the auto-turn on/off lights and 1.2L large water tank that creates a perfect environment for healthy and quick growth (growing a herb garden, hardly gets any simpler).

Plus, the purchase is risk-free. Yup, not only does the brand have a 100% replacement warranty in case of technical issues but if you are not happy with the performance, there’s also a 30-day money-back guarantee (get every penny back, no questions asked).

Also, it weighs less than 4lbs and thus easy to move around. Plus, so compact, it will fit on the kitchen counter and yet leave you lots of space for your utensils and appliances. 

But if you want something bigger or better and are willing to pay more, there are also other sizes and shapes to choose from (there’s something for everyone).

#2: Sawyer Products Repellent Lotion

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If it is mosquitoes rather than you that are making the most of the backyard every evening, then the Sawyer Repellent Lotion is just what the doctor ordered for.

What we like most about it is that the repellent is equally effective against all kinds of mosquitoes (even those carrying West Nile Virus).

Not just that, it will also keep away ticks, flies, chiggers, fleas, and no-see-ums ensuring you can enjoy your evening tea in the backyard without being left red and itchy due to insect bites.

And it won’t cause you to smell bad or make you greasy after a while since you do not sweat, unlike with cheaper lotions. 

Another awesome benefit is that it keeps you protected from the bugs for a whopping 10-hours (rub it all over once and voila, stay protected all night long).

Plus, it can be used with a variety of sunscreens so you do not have to worry about bad allergic reactions either.

Lastly, what makes this a value for money buy is the fact that you get a twin 3-ounce pack for less than $15. And considering its long-lasting effect, this will last you for months making it cost-effective.

#3: Relaxdays Cast Iron Firewood Rack

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If you often use a grill or smoker and want your Firewood to be stored away neatly in the yard, this rack will do just that. 

Constructed from metal, it is durable and won’t crack for years while the coating on it keeps it protected from corrosion. It is also compact and thus, does not take up a lot of space in the yard.

#4: Burgon & Ball GES/PRULE12 Planting Ruler

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If you plant a lot of seeds or plan to in the future, a planting ruler is a much-needed tool. Wondering why?

Since it eliminates any guesswork in the planting with its imperial graduations, sowing holes, and the vegetable spacing guide, it ensures your plants have the perfect space to grow.

This ruler is made using FSC certified Beechwood and is one of the more durable rulers that measures 32cm.

#5: Weber 17897 Floor Protection Mat

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If you are using a Weber grill and want to protect the wheels from damage on the rough floor of your backyard, this floor protection mat is a must buy.

It is anti-bacterial and made from 100% Polypropylene, which means it is durable and can handle all kinds of weather.

#6: Lechuza Balconera Cottage 50

prime day
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The Balconera is an eye-catching option for anyone wanting to grow flowers either in the backyard or a balcony

The best part about this one is the durability. Made using durable frost and UV resistant PP plastic it does not wear or tear in the hot sun, rain, or snow.

And so the flowers blossom, it comes with a self-watering system and a water-level indicator, so you know exactly when to refill.

#7: LECHUZA Classico 28 Planter

prime day
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If you are looking for something larger in white that is a more traditional planter, here’s one by Lechuza that’s more useful than you’d realize at first glance.

That is because even this comes with a self-watering planter and water level indicator along with drainage holes so the plant has the right amount of moisture at all times.

You also have the option of choosing 7 other colors, so you ill surely get one that perfectly fits into your backyard.

There’s also the LECHUZA CUBICO 30 if you want something bigger. It comes with similar benefits but costs higher.

If you want something on the cheap, there’s the Elho 5643123515000 Brussels Round Wheels Flowerpot. Lacks the frills that Lechuza planters came with but is still pretty durable and looks almost the same in the white color.

#8: Sun Joe MJ401E-PRO Corded Lawn Mower

prime day mower
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Have plans to get a lawnmower this Prime Day? If you have a small yard, you can get one for less than $150 with the Sun Joe MJ401E-PRO.

It is not the most durable of lawnmowers and not as convenient as a battery-operated model, but considering its low cost, it boasts impressive features.

For example, we love the precision cutting of the 14-inch steel blades that remain sharp even after months of use.

Also, helping with that is the powerful 13-amp motor while the 3-height adjustments give you decent control over the trimming process (so your yard looks just how you imagined it to be).

Plus, it has a decent 10.6-gallon bag to collect all the clippings and rear discharge chute.

Buying this lawnmower at its low price is a no-brainer!

#9: Greenworks 25322 16” Cordless Lawn Mower 

prime day
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If you are looking for something easier to use, this Greenworks lawn mower checks all the boxes.

It is battery-operated and thus more convenient to use than the Sun Joe MJ401E-PRO since you do not have to worry about power outlets. 

The battery only lasts around 20 minutes, but if you have a medium-sized or smaller lawn, this should work for the entire duration on a single charge. And when the battery is low, there’s an indicator to let you know precisely when to charge.

It also gives you greater control over the mowing since it has 5 height adjustments. Plus, it doubles up as a mulcher as well.

The 16-inch deck size makes it easy to maneuver and unlike gas mowers, this baby starts in a flash with the press of a button.

#10: American Lawn Mower 1204-14 (Reel Mower)

prime day
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Want a mower for less than $100? If you have a small backyard with grass about 4” tall, this American Lawn Mower 1204-14 is the go-to mower.

If you are ok with putting a little effort into the mowing (probably the exercise you need after months in lockdown), reel lawn mowers make a great pick not just because they are cheap but also lighter and more compact, making them easy to store and push.

The American Lawn Mower 1204-14 has a cutting width of 14” and height can be adjusted between 1”-1.75” so the grass is the perfect height each time,

Plus, it has durable blades made using heat-treated alloy steel that will last you for years with little maintenance. Further making it a durable pick are the 8.5” polymer wheels that can handle a few bumps along the way.

Compared to gas or electric mowers, they are eco-friendly as they do not use electricity or gas and produce almost zero noise.

Lastly, American Lawn Mower is one of the oldest and most trusted brands in the US (they have been in the game since 1885) and even provide you with customer support so your doubts never go unanswered.

#11: Cat / Dog / Bird Feed Storage Tin

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If you have a large backyard that is home to a lot of birds or if you have a lot of cats and dogs as pets that you have to feed, here’s a storage tin from Kitchen Craft that allows you to safely store their feed.

It has a large capacity of 6.5lbs so you will be stocked up well and also comes with a scoop so taking out the food and spreading it around is easy peasy.

Other Awesome Prime Day Discounts

Prime Day also offers a lot of discounts and cashback deals. You should check these out:

Get a 12-month subscription of Audible at $50 less

Are you the types that hate reading? It doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on learning. It is Audible to the rescue giving you all your favorite books about gardening, etc. in audio form.

And guess what, for this short period, you can get the yearly Audible subscription for just $99.99 

That’s not all.

You’ll also be given 12 credits that can be used on any premium audiobooks (no terms or conditions apply). 

And then there are thousands of credit-free audiobooks, wellness programs, and podcasts that you can get your hands on from the Plus Catalogue.

Score a 10% CashBack on Electronics

The discount is straightforward but there’s more good news. Every Amazon Prime Cardholder gets an additional 5% cashback on any amount spent on electronics available under the Prime Day Discount label.

For anyone that finds mowing the lawn a boring chore, this would be a great time to get some wireless earphones/headphones while saving 10% on them. There are some decent choices like the Geekke True Wireless Earphones that come with noise-cancellation and a 40hr runtime.

Get a Trial of Amazon Kids+ for 3 Months for an All-time Low $0.99!

Looking for a way to keep the kids busy? Say hello to Amazon Kids+. From fun books to unlimited TV shows, movies, games, and educational apps, there’s everything to keep your kid busy while ensuring learning.

So how do I avail discounts? Is there a coupon code?

Nope, all you need for these discounts and offers is an Amazon Prime membership. And in case you haven’t already signed up, you can do it right away for Free.

Yes, you heard that right, enjoy prime benefits and shows for the next 30 days without paying a penny. 

This means you will have Amazon Prime on one of the biggest days without any commitment. Just remember to cancel it anytime you want before the 30-days.

We’d love to hear what you are planning to buy on Prime Day this year. Drop it in the comments section. Also, let us know if we have missed an amazing deal so others can benefit from it as well.

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