Adjustable Height Folding Table Guide

When you are hosting an outdoor event at the home or on the go, having enough tables can make or break the experience. Large groups of people always need a place to put their beverages and snacks. Without the right tables, Adjustable Height Folding Tablepeople won't have any place to dine or converse. Most likely, you don't keep this amount of tables sitting out on your back porch. For events, a portable, folding table is the best choice because you can bring it out only when needed. The most flexible type of folding tables are the ones which have adjustable heights. These models have legs which can be adjusted on the fly to change the overall height of the table. While not as elegant as a bistro table set, these tables provide unparalleled reliability and function.

Adjustable Height

The ability to adjust a table's height has many beneficial implications. Different heights are desired in different scenarios. For example, a table intended for eating a meal should be lower than a table designed to hold snacks at a party. The dinner table needs to be lower because people will be sitting in chairs next it. With a snack table, people usually walk up to it, take what they need and walk away. An adjustable height folding table can be shortened to become more user-friendly for children. These tables have four different contact points on the legs which must be pressed to adjust the elevation of the table. These small spring-loaded buttons are designed to allow the table legs to slide up or down when presses. When you reach the height you want, the buttons will click into pre-drilled holes, locking the legs into position. Once locked they will stay in position until you change them. To collapse the table into the folded position, the legs must be returned to their shortest length.

Style of Legs

The smaller adjustable height folding tables are most commonly seen with an "X" style folding mechanism. The adjustable legs cross each other, forming an X shape. The height of the table is changed not by extending the legs but by changing the shape of the X. This is the simplest style of small folding table to operate, but can become less stable the higher the table stands. This is due to the width of the legs becoming shorter as the height increases. These table styles are recommended only for light loads.

The more heavy duty style of adjustable legs are the ones with cross braces. These tables have a pair of legs, each of which have a cross beam to support it and lock it into place. A small retainer ring locks the beam in place, making it extremely rigid. These tables are capable of supporting several hundred pounds of evenly distributed weight. They are also larger than the X style frames, making them more suited for large events.

Table Top Material

If you intend on using your table outdoors or in the presence of staining liquids, I recommend choosing an adjustable height folding table with a plastic molded top. The plastic tops are easy to clean, requiring only a quick spray with the hose or in worst cases, a soapy rag. Plastic molded tops are durable and are not prone to cracking or chipping even in cold weather. For indoor use, a particle board table with a decorative laminate can be an appealing choice. While susceptible to long-term exposure to moisture, these tables stay pristine is cleanup is done right after a spill. When working with clothing or other delicate materials, a folding table with a padded top can help prevent damage. Padded tops are best used for items that are not breakable, as the padded surface is not as stable as a hard one.

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