Types of Temporary Fencing

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 Types of Temporary Fences

Erecting a temporary fence within a yard can serve to sanction off areas for pets, prevent children from entering a pool, and keep party guests contained to a specific area, among other purposes. Temporary fencing is not designed for long term use, although a properly built temporary fence could probably be employed long after its intended use expired. Fences like these can be bought pre-built or can be built from scratch.


Temporary Metal Fencing “Construction Panels”
These are the fences seen at outdoor events, enclosing construction sites, and blocking pedestrians from dangerous areas such as trenches. They can indeed be rented and used at home, but may be a bit overkill for most home-based projects. These temporary fences are composed of sections which are put together on-site via hinges. Special door panels with locking latches are available. The panels are free-standing, requiring no digging and minimal setup time. Construction projects such as repairing a damaged wall, resurfacing a pool, digging a trench, or building a retaining wall could require the services of a construction wall.

  • The tubes are made of galvanized steel pipe. They are able to withstand heavy impacts and long-term outdoor exposure.
  • The panels connect together at hinges, requiring no special hardware to install.
  • Two men/women can install a construction fence with no problem.
  • The chain-link panels do not allow humans or animals to bypass the fencing.

Post Fences
A post fence is easy to create with some wooden posts and a roll of metal or plastic fencing. Wood posts are driven into the ground at regular intervals. As such, these fences are limited to installation on soft ground such as a lawn. Flexible fencing material is stapled or ties to each post while being stretched taught. Multiple fence styles are available, such as hex netting and chicken wire. A post fence can be erected at minimal cost and effort, and is the most economical solution for yard owners. Check out guide on wire fencing to learn more.

  • This design uses cheap wood stakes which are driven into the ground using a plastic mallet.
  • Metal or plastic rolls of fencing material can be obtained cheaply.
  • The temporary fencing material is applied to the posts using a staple gun, twine or metal wire.
  • Posts fences are perfect for containing pets and small children.
  • Can only be installed on soft ground.
  • Users can make curves, straight lines and circles.



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