Christmas Yard Decorations

Helpful Christmas Light Products Sticky Mounts Drilling holes for nails has become a thing of the past. Adhesive-backed sticky mounts are available from companies like 3M. These mounts stick onto multiple outdoor surfaces, including stucco, glass, brick and wood. The adhesive on the back of the plastic clips is quite strong, yet can be removed […]

Solar Yard Lighting

Solar yard lights are designed with ease of use in mind. Unlike wired lights which can require the work of an electrician to install,  solar yard lights are built for the average consumer. Creating a well lit yard is as easy as setting a light module into place. The fact is, yards are dynamic places […]

Preformed Ponds – A Guide to Installing A Preformed Pond

  The "Must Do" Gude to Install a Preformed Pond in your Yard Preformed ponds are a particularly good choice for anyone that does not have experience with pond installation. Preformed ponds come packaged as a kit with everything needed for installation.The difference between a preformed pond and a pond liner is the preformed cannot be […]