6 Steps to Revive Wooden Outdoor Furniture

A combination of sunlight, dirt, and moisture can take a toll on all types of wooden outdoor furniture. The good news is that most pieces can be restored. Cracks and discoloration of hardwoods like teak, pine, cherry and maple can be restored in a few simple steps as described below. Step 1: Cleaning Begin by […]

Care for Wooden Benches

Chipped and cracking wooden benches are no fun to look at, much less sit on. With some simple cleaning and restoration techniques you can learn how to keep a wooden bench in good shape, as well as repair it if necessary. Maintaining Wooden Benches Wooden benches suffer from weather damage just like any material. Being […]

How to Repaint/Refinish Old Wicker Chairs

Wicker chairs can be difficult, if not impossible to repair once the strands start to crack. When regular wear-and-tear is sighted, owners should act quickly to preserve the chair. This can be done with the re-application of paint, liquid protector or a combination of both. Read on to learn how. Repainting a Wicker Chair 1) […]

Brinkman Smoker

Smoking food is an American pastime which has by no means diminished in any way. What has changed over time are the devices we use to cook such foods. Gas, electric and charcoal powered smokers have replaced the in-ground pits that were used generations ago. The Brinkman smoker happens to be one of the most […]

The Affordability of Wood Folding Chairs

Folding wood chairs have the advantage of being both beautiful in design and compact in shape. The ability to fold up between uses allows users to keep a surplus of chairs on hand for unexpected occasions. Wood is often chosen over other materials like metal and plastic because of its beauty. Woods like cedar and […]