Weed Eater – What is Ortho Ground Clear?

  Learn about the Best Weed Eater Available Regular old weed killer products are designed to kill a weed and then dissipate into the ground. After application, the chemical quickly becomes diluted and stops working. Ortho Ground Clear is a revolutionary new weed killer which continues to work for up to a year without re-applying […]

Husqvarna Parts

  Husqvarna parts are made to fit every type of Husqvarna product available. The most widely sought after parts seen to be for their chainsaws. After all, Husqvarna is widely known for their high quality gas chainsaws which can cut through any tree limb or trunk. When the time comes to maintenance these machines, parts […]

Ryobi Weed Eater

  Weed eaters can be expensive, but not the reconditioned ones offered by Ryobi. What exactly does “reconditioned” mean? A reconditioned Ryobi weed eater is one that had been used someone, returned to the store and then sent back to the manufacturing center for refurbishment. In the factory, workers use certified parts and processed to […]

Husqvarna Weed Eater

  The name Husqvarna speaks of durable and powerful tools of all sorts. While their lawn mowers are an essential component of anyone’s yard, a Husqvarna weed serves as an excellent side-kick. They currently manufacture several different weed eaters, both in gas and electric models. As with all Husqvarna products, you can expect to find […]

Homelite Weed Wacker

  Homelite is a manufacturer of many home care products, including their famous Mighty Lite weed wacker. This unit was introduced some years ago, but remains popular among people who have used it. When their trimmer breaks down, they often search the internet for Homelite Weed Wacker parts. However, these parts can be difficult to […]