How Salt Water Pools Work

Salt water pools use a unique process to generate chlorine. The salt itself does not clean the pool, but is rather used in a special generator to create chlorine. After use, the chlorine converts back to salt and the process continues again. Salt water pool systems are low maintenance because users never have to fuss […]

Banzai Inflatable Water Slides

The Banzai Roaring Rapids Water Park is an excellent choice if you have a lot of kids who will be using it. The slide can handle up to eight children at one time. The Roaring Rapids is one of the largest Bonsai slides made with three individual ramps. One is curved in shape and two […]

Banzai Blast Water Slide

Banzai inflatable water slides provide a clean and cool way to enjoy hot days in the yard. Setting up in mere minutes, the flexibility of these slides is truly amazing. All of the “pumping” is completely taken care of by a lightweight, powerful electric fan. Pick any flat area of the lawn to begin the […]

Banzai Water Slides

Nothing beats sliding down a genuine water slide at the peak of a summer day. Typically, one would have to take the family to an expensive water park to get this kind of thrill. Now, thanks to Banzai water slides, anyone with a bit of backyard space can create water sliding fun anytime. Banzai inflatable […]

The Tranquility Of A Solar Water Fountain

Typically, the installation of an outdoor fountain requires extensive planning, money and time. People looking for an alternative often purchase a solar water fountain instead. Solar water fountains are ready to use out of the box after some minor assembly. The key to their ease of use is in the solar panel. This special panel […]