15 Amazing DIY Backyard Lighting Ideas

Welcome to our photo gallery featuring 30 Genius DIY Backyard Lighting Ideas. Backyards can retain their beauty even after the sun goes down when backyard lighting is used effectively. The time and money you invest in patio furniture and other decor is meaningless if you can’t see or use it at night. Backyard lights add […]

List of Backyard Lights

Looking for some ideas on lighting up your backyard? Check out the following categories in backyard lighting and if you would like more information check out out this eBook with over 7250 Breathtaking Landscaping Designs. Backyard Lanterns Outdoor lanterns can be powered by either candles or electricity. Lanterns are intended to accent a backyard, not […]

Guide to Solar Patio Lighting

Transforming a patio from a dark and dreary atmosphere into a well-lit haven is easily done using solar patio lighting. Patio lighting is not limited to a specific area of the yard. The wide variety of patio lights available makes it possible to transform a patio front to back. Solar technology allows these light fixtures […]

Guide to Solar Driveway Lights

Solar driveway lights require no electrical work and are ready to use right out of the box. They are called driveway lights because they are intended to be used as light borders on the edges of driveways. These light systems are a bold way to increase visibility to a yard while enhancing the decorative feel. […]

How To Install Walkway Lighting

Walkways and paths can be a great place to add lights for decoration and safety. There are two general types of walkways lights- low voltage and solar powered. The solar powered models are the easiest to install and do not require any special wiring. However, these lights tend to dim after a few hours of […]