Cantilever Patio Umbrella Buyer’s Guide

  What is a cantilever patio umbrella? These outdoor umbrellas are designed to shade an area of a yard. They are referred to as "cantilever" because of the way the frame is designed. Unlike regular outdoor umbrellas, cantilever ones hold the canopy over the shaded area. The stand's base sits somewhere off to the side […]

Cantilever Umbrella Guide

  A cantilever umbrella uses a special adjustable frame to provide shading to a particular area. These umbrellas are different from standard varieties in that the stand is "offset" away from the shaded area. This allows furniture to be set up under the shade without the mount or frame getting in the way. These umbrellas […]

Guide to Solar Patio Lighting

Transforming a patio from a dark and dreary atmosphere into a well-lit haven is easily done using solar patio lighting. Patio lighting is not limited to a specific area of the yard. The wide variety of patio lights available makes it possible to transform a patio front to back. Solar technology allows these light fixtures […]

Illumination With a Solar Patio Umbrella

A solar patio umbrella provides more than just shade from the sun. These specialized umbrellas are equipped with LED lights on the underside that glow brightly at night. These lights are powered by solar technology, meaning that the umbrella requires no external power source. Absorbing energy from the sun during the day, the solar panel […]

Exterior Lighting with Solar Umbrella Lights

With the help of solar umbrella lights, patio umbrellas can serve the dual purpose of providing shade and lighting. If you currently own a trusty patio umbrella, you know how helpful it can be with cooling off a porch or outdoor dining area. Adding lights to your umbrella can make it useful at night too, […]