How to Create A Luxury Outdoor Area

If you have ever seen grand homes on television or in magazines and felt envious of their outdoor areas, then you need not feel this way any more.  Creating a luxury outdoor area is not as hard as you think, and nor do you need to spend a fortune.  With a little planning and effort […]

Gazebo Canopy Replacement

  Gazebos whether standard or pop-up design, all have fabric canopies which block the sun and provide shade. Being that these canopies are directly exposed to the sun, they can fade, fray and rip over time. The lower quality the fabric is, the quicker it will degrade. Unfortunately for consumers, many manufacturers use low grade […]

10 x 10 Gazebo Comparison Guide

  Gazebos provide much-needed protection from the elements during outdoor activities. Whether you are sitting outside at your kid's ballgame or need some shade in your own backyard, gazebos are versatile enough for these tasks. Gazebos come in many sizes, but many consumers find that the "10 x 10" varieties are just right. At 10 […]