Outdoor Comfort with a Folding Camping Table

Campers who stay true to the original camping methods would scoff at bringing along a table or chairs on their trip. They would prefer to place their items on the ground where bugs and rodents can eat them up. The modern day camper takes along a handy folding table and possibly chairs to make the […]

Gardening with Potting Benches

Potting benches consist of a raised platform from which a variety of gardening tasks can take place. Many of the tasks that require painful bending and kneeling can be completed on one of these benches. Transplanting, mixing soil, preparing pots and more can be done comfortably while standing up or sitting in a chair. One […]

Preparing Pots on a Potting Bench

  Gardening on your hands and knees can be uncomfortable. A potting bench provides gardeners with a raised work surface from where they can prepare pots and soil in comfort. Potting benches are designed specifically for gardening jobs. On the durable work table, users can fill pots with soil, prune their potted plants, add fertilizer […]

Outdoor Fun with a Children’s Picnic Table

Dining outdoors is one of the best ways to enjoy time with your family. When bringing the children along to a picnic, it helps to provide them with kid-sized accommodations to make the experience enjoyable for them. Kids like having their own furniture and possessions that they can call their own. A children's picnic table […]

What is a Portable Picnic Table?

There is no better way to spend a warm spring day than with your family on a picnic. The typical picnic excursion is portrayed with a checkered sheet sprawled across the ground with tasty treats placed on top. The problem with this setup is that picnic-goers are required to sit on the ground, which can […]