Rubbermaid Carts – The Helping Hand

Everyone can use a little help when moving things from place to place. Whether you're a librarian who needs to sort books or a handyman that needs to organize your tools, Rubbermaid carts can come in handy. These carts are designed for light to heavy usage and can carry up to several hundred pounds at […]

Garden Hose Hanger

We hope this guide will help give you an idea of what type of hose hanger is best for your needs. There are a lot of things outside the home that need proper storage solutions to keep tidy. Garden tools, pool toys, hoses and more can make a yard look messy and cluttered if not stored […]

Advantages Of A Log Holder

  If you love to burn wood in a fireplace or fire pit, it makes sense to keep a supply of split logs on hand. Storing logs can be a challenge if you don't have the right tool, specifically something called log holders. Log holders provide a refined and organized way to store small to […]

Firewood Holder Wood Storage

  There is no better way to store split wood than a firewood holder. Firewood holders consist of a durable metal rack that is usually kept outdoors to hold ample amounts of firewood for the winter season. When wood is simply stored on the ground, it can become wet and infested with bugs. A firewood […]

Garden Hose Storage Solutions

  Let’s take a closer look at the different garden hose storage solutions available today. Garden hoses can be one of the most difficult yard tools to store. Some people try rolling their hose into a loop on the ground only to have the hose kink in ten places. Extreme heat can make hoses become too […]