Exterior Accenting with Solar Post Lights

There are several different views of what a solar post light is. This guide talks about three different light fixtures that could be considered a post light, and what the applications of each is. Post lights are designed to accent areas of a yard with light. These lights sit atop a post, elevated above the […]

Yard Illuination with A Solar Spot Light

Lighting up your outdoor space can be incredibly easy when using a solar spot light. Spot lights are designed to target specific areas of a yard to provide much needed illumination at night. They have many applications ranging from functional to decorative. An outdoor dining area or poolside can be lit quickly and easily thanks […]

Guide to Solar Patio Lighting

Transforming a patio from a dark and dreary atmosphere into a well-lit haven is easily done using solar patio lighting. Patio lighting is not limited to a specific area of the yard. The wide variety of patio lights available makes it possible to transform a patio front to back. Solar technology allows these light fixtures […]

Guide to Solar Driveway Lights

Solar driveway lights require no electrical work and are ready to use right out of the box. They are called driveway lights because they are intended to be used as light borders on the edges of driveways. These light systems are a bold way to increase visibility to a yard while enhancing the decorative feel. […]

Types of Solar Patio Lights

With the modern convenience of solar patio lights, people can quickly transform their yards into a well-lit oasis. Without the need to route wires or perform electrical work, this transformation can occur literally overnight. Solar lights for the patio come in every light form including spot, path and string lights. Maximum coverage of a yard […]