Wire Fencing

  Only after posts have been driven into the ground can one begin to install wire fencing. Fencing is used in animal containment applications to both contain and protect livestock. Whether you use it on chickens or horses, wire fencing is essential for any responsible animal owner. This guide talks about the steps necessary to […]

MR16 LED Bulbs

One of the most popular forms of LED lighting for multipurpose use are the MR16 LED bulbs. These types of bulbs incorporate a bundle of LED’s in a compact form. They are unlike regular bulbs in that they require a two socket fixture to be used. Two socket fixtures are seen in some ceiling fans, […]

Solar Yard Lighting

Solar yard lights are designed with ease of use in mind. Unlike wired lights which can require the work of an electrician to install,  solar yard lights are built for the average consumer. Creating a well lit yard is as easy as setting a light module into place. The fact is, yards are dynamic places […]

Solar Deck Lights

While everyone has a different idea of what a quality deck should be, everyone can agree that decks need to be well lit at night if they are to be used frequently. Light fixtures are available which are specifically intended to be installed on decks. These fixtures come in different styles to accommodate different parts […]

Shading with Outdoor Umbrella Lights

With the addition of outdoor umbrella lights, a backyard can become brightly illuminated at night. There are several specialized types of lights available which are designed to attach to outdoor umbrellas. Umbrellas are a great place to mount lights because of their location. Umbrellas are usually placed over highly trafficked areas such as an outdoor […]