Attaching Shade Cloth to Pergolas and Arbors

  Pergolas and arbors are designed with open tops that let light pass through. If this extra light becomes a problem, such as when the hot sun overheats your patio, a pergola or awning can be covered in shade cloth. Shade is made by companies like Coolaroo and is designed to block the sun while […]

Overview for Outdoor Blinds

The most common form of outdoor blinds is the roller-style varieties. These blinds offer excellent sun protection, making the patio much cooler. They are able to retract when not needed and come in a pleasing assortment of colors. Bamboo and reed shades seem to be the most popular these days. Read on to learn more […]

Top 3 Sun Shades for Patios

  Sun shades for patios are designed with durable, breathable fabrics that can dramatically cool the area below. Since every patio is different, no single type of sun shade will work in every scenario. Different varieties of shades such as triangle shades, roller shades can be applied to different areas of the patio. Some of […]

Coolaroo Shades

  Cooling a patio does not get any easier than using Coolaroo shades. Widely considered to be the “Cadillac” of outdoor shading, Coolaroo produces only the best in shading. Their fabrics are unlike any other on the market and are crafted into various shade styles. You can even buy their fabric in long rolls to […]

Sunlight Protection With A Deck Canopy

Sunlight can make an outdoor deck space uncomfortable and unpleasant to be in. Nobody likes to be hot and sticky when they have invested time and money into making their outdoor space an enjoyable place to be. Fortunately, shading options for decks are available, the most effective being a deck canopy. Deck canopies are designed […]