Lawn Roller – Garden Rollers

  After sowing new seed or sod, a lawn can look uneven and messy. These bumps are caused by inconsistencies in the soil which create bumps and air pockets. To create even compaction, a lawn roller is the best choice. Lawn rollers are far more efficient than using your feet, and perform a much better […]

How to Use a Lawn Scarifier

  When excess thatch builds up in lawn soil, a lawn scarifier is often employed to break up the ground and remove debris. Everyday debris and dead grass can typically be removed with a spring lawn rake. However, when years of growth need to be removed, the small tines on these  lawn rakes are often […]

Using Garden Rollers On Your Lawn

  Even if you have the greenest lawn around, your yard can look messy if the ground is not even. Uneven ground can be caused by several things, some of which include mole infestation and frost heaving. These inconsistencies in your lawn can be quite noticeable even from the street.  Instead of grabbing a shovel […]