Power Rake and Dethatcher

  Powered rakes are often referred to as a dethatcher, which is simply a device that digs into the ground shallowly and removes dead grass, thatch and even soil. A power rake takes the burden out of pulling this material out yourself, whether it be with a hand lawn rake or thatching tool. A hand […]

Lawn Sweeper

  Using a broom and dustpan to pick up yard debris is so old school. Using a lawn sweeper is so much easier than conventional methods. A lawn sweeper is a specialty yard tool which can either be pulled by a garden tractor or pushed by hand depending on the model. Most use a cylindrical […]

Lawn Rake Types

  The lawn rake is an essential yard tool, picking up leaves and debris from lawns, dirt and rocks. Most people picture a lawn rake in its simplest form, but there are so many varieties of rakes on the market. The basic lawn rake is made from a metal or plastic working end with a […]