What is a Portable Picnic Table?

There is no better way to spend a warm spring day than with your family on a picnic. The typical picnic excursion is portrayed with a checkered sheet sprawled across the ground with tasty treats placed on top. The problem with this setup is that picnic-goers are required to sit on the ground, which can […]

Small Folding Table Designs

Tables are an essential part of outdoor living and come in many forms. Most outdoor tables are designed to be put in a specific area and stay put. Big outdoor dining tables can be very difficult to move around if you need to make a quick change for a party or other backyard event. To […]

Types Of Outdoor Folding Chairs

Folding chairs make for great outdoor seating because they can be set up instantly and stored between uses. Many models are made from lightweight steel frames that can be carried around to events and gatherings. Not everyone likes to clutter up their backyard with a bunch of furniture which can rot in the sun. Outdoor […]

The Weber Go Anywhere Gas Grill

The Weber Go Anywhere Gas Grill is the perfect portable grill for tailgating, backyard cooking, camping and anywhere else you need to whip up great food on the spot. The Go Anywhere grill requires no charcoal but instead uses a compact propane tank for fuel. Starting it up is as simple as pressing a button, […]