Water Trampoline Care and Use

A water trampoline is a floating platform which has a spring loaded trampoline pad in the center. These toys actually float on the water, allowing users to jump directly into the lake. They inflate using an electric motor and can support both children and adults. How to Inflate a Water Trampoline Most types of high […]

Essential Maintenance Tips for Inground Pools

Balancing Chemicals One of the most essential pool care responsibilities, balancing the chemicals within the water is the only way to keep the water clear. Chemicals such as chlorine and minerals like calcium all need to stay at acceptable levels in order to kill bacteria, prevent algae from growing and maintain the water’s signature blue […]

How Salt Water Pools Work

Salt water pools use a unique process to generate chlorine. The salt itself does not clean the pool, but is rather used in a special generator to create chlorine. After use, the chlorine converts back to salt and the process continues again. Salt water pool systems are low maintenance because users never have to fuss […]

Hard Plastic Kiddie Pool

The Hard Plastic Kiddie Pool Backyard fun in the summer doesn’t have to cost a fortune. A single visit to the local swim park can cost a family $100 or more. If you have young children in the family, they would probably have just as much fun wading in a hard plastic kiddie pool. These […]