Garden Tool Storage Organizers

  When avid gardeners acquire a large amount of tools, they use a garden tool storage organizer to keep them in place. There are many types of garden storage products on the market, each of which is suites to a different need. For example, garden totes keep a small surplus of hand selected tools in […]

Preparing Pots on a Potting Bench

  Gardening on your hands and knees can be uncomfortable. A potting bench provides gardeners with a raised work surface from where they can prepare pots and soil in comfort. Potting benches are designed specifically for gardening jobs. On the durable work table, users can fill pots with soil, prune their potted plants, add fertilizer […]

Garden Plow Variations

  How do you choose the right garden plow? The first step is understanding what a garden plow does in the garden and the variations in tool sizes. Garden plows are designed to create rows in the ground for planting seeds in. They can also be used for tilling and raking. A simple hand plow […]