How to Create A Luxury Outdoor Area

If you have ever seen grand homes on television or in magazines and felt envious of their outdoor areas, then you need not feel this way any more.  Creating a luxury outdoor area is not as hard as you think, and nor do you need to spend a fortune.  With a little planning and effort […]

Installing Pavers Over Concrete

Many home owners have patios, driveways and walkways which are made of concrete. Those who find these grey slabs rather bland may desire to replace the concrete with pavers. Some paver companies suggest tearing out the old concrete to create a sand/gravel base for the new pavers. However, it is possible to install pavers over […]

Before You Buy Travertine Pavers

Travertine is a multi-purpose stone which can be used as paving for walkways, driveways and patios. It comes in different colors, textures and finishes and has a standard thickness of 1.5 inches. Travertine is appealing visually as well as physically, providing a cool surface to walk on during the heat of summer. It has the […]

Driveway Pavers – Driveway Paving – Brick Pavers

A great way to rid yourself of that unsightly concrete driveway is to install driveway pavers. These pavers cover up all of the messy cracks and discoloration which is so prevalent on bare concrete driveways. Many kinds of driveway paving bricks are made from natural materials like stone, which can last a lifetime or more. […]