LED Deck Lights

If you truly want to get together with a bunch of friends for a relaxing and enjoyable weekend, one of the areas in the household in which you can do so would be the deck.  Yet, upon the arrival of sunset, the fun might possibly set down along with the light stemming from the sky.  […]

Types of Stair Lighting

Motion Sensing Stair Lighting Build for safety, motion sensing stair lighting consists of a small battery powered box with a motion sensor inside. These boxes require no wiring which lends to quick and easy installation. Simply mount a motion light to each stair using screws or double sided tape. When a person walks up to […]

Hampton Bay Ceiling Fans and Lighting

Hampton Bay lighting, furniture and home accessories offers an unprecedented amount of customization for any home. Their products are of the utmost quality and come in a mind boggling amount of colors and designs. Whether you need a ceiling fan for the bedroom or a set of custom kitchen cabinets, Hampton Bay has you covered. […]

Solar Yard Lighting

Solar yard lights are designed with ease of use in mind. Unlike wired lights which can require the work of an electrician to install,  solar yard lights are built for the average consumer. Creating a well lit yard is as easy as setting a light module into place. The fact is, yards are dynamic places […]