Power Rake and Dethatcher

  Powered rakes are often referred to as a dethatcher, which is simply a device that digs into the ground shallowly and removes dead grass, thatch and even soil. A power rake takes the burden out of pulling this material out yourself, whether it be with a hand lawn rake or thatching tool. A hand […]

Lawn Roller – Garden Rollers

  After sowing new seed or sod, a lawn can look uneven and messy. These bumps are caused by inconsistencies in the soil which create bumps and air pockets. To create even compaction, a lawn roller is the best choice. Lawn rollers are far more efficient than using your feet, and perform a much better […]

Lawn Sweeper

  Using a broom and dustpan to pick up yard debris is so old school. Using a lawn sweeper is so much easier than conventional methods. A lawn sweeper is a specialty yard tool which can either be pulled by a garden tractor or pushed by hand depending on the model. Most use a cylindrical […]

Benefits of a Garden Roller

  When a lawn becomes bumpy and uneven, a garden roller can be used to flatten it out. Garden rollers have been around for many years and are quite effective at what they do. Originally made exclusively from steel or iron cylinders, these rollers are now made mostly of plastic. The weight is added by […]

Revitalizing Soil With A Rolling Lawn Aerator

  A rolling lawn aerator is one of those lawn tools that everyone needs but not everyone owns. Even experienced lawn owners can become perplexed when their lawn starts turning brown. Regular watering, trimming and even fertilizing are not fool-proof, as a lawn can require more than just the basic maintenance to keep in good […]