How To: Growing Grass From Seed (GUIDE)

Besides those “neighborly” competitions for the greenest lawn with green grass, keeping your grass healthy and vibrant is a great way to improve the look and feel of your home. Your lawn is a great place for the kids to play, have an event, or just enjoy the outdoors. Lawn care need not be a […]

Aerator Rental Considerations

Lawns which are ridden with a thick layer of thatch and compacted soil need aeration on the double. The problem is that most people don’t keep an aerator on hand for the rare instance in which they are needed. Many times, a good option can be to rent an aerator from a local tool supply […]

Most Common Lawn Weeds

The term "weed" is a subjective one. Generally it is a plant "not wanted" where it is. Lots of people will be planting these "weeds" listed below, whereas lots will be finding ways to eradicate them. Crabgrass Able to blend in with other types of grass, crabgrass begins appearing in the lawn at the start […]

Types of Lawn Fertilizer

Fertilizer is designed to replace nutrients in the ground which are lost as the grass “eats” them up. By selecting the right fertilizer and applying in the right number and rate, your lawn will be healthier in the long run. Type of Fertilizer Picking a good brand like Scotts Fertilizer is a bonus but is […]

Choosing the Best Lawn Mower

 1. Gasoline Lawn Mower Advantages: Gas mowers are not attached to a cord and can deliver all the power you need to cut through tough patches of grass, weeds, leaves and debris. Different power ranges as defined by “horsepower” can be chosen based on how big of yard you own. Gas lawn mowers are fully […]