Karcher Pressure Washer Parts

Karcher Pressure Washer Parts These are  the most reliable cleaning devices around. However, no machine is immune to breaking down after extended use. When a part breaks on a pressure washer, it is important to replace it as soon as possible and not use the device until it is fixed. The high pressure water inside […]

Garden Hose Hanger

We hope this guide will help give you an idea of what type of hose hanger is best for your needs. There are a lot of things outside the home that need proper storage solutions to keep tidy. Garden tools, pool toys, hoses and more can make a yard look messy and cluttered if not stored […]

Choosing A Pond Vacuum

A pond vacuum is a device similar to a wet-vac that allows pond owners to suck up debris out of their pond. These systems come in several forms. The most cost effective vacuums are the ones that use garden hose pressure to form a vacuum and suck up debris. There are also electrically powered vacuums […]

Garden Hose Storage Solutions

  Let’s take a closer look at the different garden hose storage solutions available today. Garden hoses can be one of the most difficult yard tools to store. Some people try rolling their hose into a loop on the ground only to have the hose kink in ten places. Extreme heat can make hoses become too […]