Brinkmann Gas Grill

The company known as Brinkman, sometimes misspelled as “Brinkmann”, is the manufacturer of many types of outdoor cooking tools. They craft a wide array of reliable grills, smokers, fryers and accessories to suit. They make large and substantial outdoor gas grills which have ample cooking space, heat control, storage compartments, multiple burners and a classic […]

Jenn Air Outdoor Grills

The company Jenn Air makes some remarkably high quality indoor cook tops. Some consumers may be wondering why the company has not branched out into the outdoor grilling industry. Actually, Jenn Air outdoor grills are available, but chances are you have never seen one in a store. This is because Jenn Air only makes commercial […]

Portable Charcoal Grill

As convenient as propane grills can be, many grillers enjoy the down-home smoky taste that only a charcoal grill can provide. Portable charcoal grills are small and light enough that they can be taken on road trips, to the park, or used in the backyard. Companies like Weber, Coleman and Charbroil have whipped up some […]

Electric Barbecue Grill

When the warm spring and summer months roll around, people start breaking out their electric barbecue grill. Both amateurs and grill masters alike start cooking up great eats for family and friends. Everyone seems to have their own "secret" method for cooing the best tasting meats and grilled veggies. The sweet and spicy smell of […]

Top Rated Outdoor Electric Grill Guide

Outdoor electric grill has recently become very popular with people who live in apartment and condominium communities. They are an excellent alternative to gas or charcoal grills since most of these communities do not allow for grilling on patios or in back yard space. With an electric grill you are able to not only grill […]