Greenhouse Window Ideas

On wintertime there is nothing to see outside of your window except for your frozen lower beds which are totally unappealing. You can do something with this view on your window. Transform your windowpane into a little greenhouse window. Turn it into a spot where flowers, herbs, house plants, and baby plants thrives and flourish. […]

Indoor Greenhouse Gardening

There are many reasons why one would want to take their gardening indoors. For starters, it can be a lot easier to germinate seedlings in the safety and moderate temperatures of a home. Gardeners can also keep a closer eye on their plants and tend to them frequently. An indoor greenhouse provides a clean way […]

Practical Gardening With A Lean To Greenhouse

Lean to greenhouse sit at the apex of greenhouse design and durability. Originally marketed and used in New England, the lean-to has spread across the nation. The secret to its success is in the unique design. Unlike free standing greenhouses, the lean has one side that sits against a solid structure such as a house. […]