How To: Growing Grass From Seed (GUIDE)

Besides those “neighborly” competitions for the greenest lawn with green grass, keeping your grass healthy and vibrant is a great way to improve the look and feel of your home. Your lawn is a great place for the kids to play, have an event, or just enjoy the outdoors. Lawn care need not be a […]

What is Grass Carpet?

Known as a grass carpet or area rug, these special kinds of outdoor carpets mimic a grassy lawn in both texture and color. The purpose of having a piece of carpet which looks like grass depends on the user. Some people like to place these carpets on their patio, while others like to create makeshift […]

Selecting The Right Type Of Garden Shears

  Garden shears are designed to keeps plants orderly and manageable. Whether you have trees, bushes or grass in your yard, you need the right type of tool to keep everything in shape. Shears are operated just like scissors except that they are intended to tackle more tough jobs. Shears can make quick work of […]