Outdoor Wood Furniture

Some may say that plastic furniture is more practical, but no yard is really complete without at least one piece of outdoor wood furniture. Furniture made of wood has a quaint charm that few can match. Wood is often stained a variety of colors, allowing the intricate wood grain to show through. Other pieces use […]

Outdoor Furniture Cushions

Ever since the first backyard lounger sat on a hard bench, homeowners have been buying and using outdoor furniture cushions. This article is intended to help any consumers that have chosen to search online for those soft, puffy items. Desired Characteristics of Outdoor Furniture Cushions Any cushioning material that is placed on a seat that […]

The Elegance of a Bistro Table Set

Bistro table sets are quite common in places like upscale coffee shops and other designer establishments. These appealing furniture pieces can be a part of your own backyard, as they come in convenient matching set packages. These sets include a table and at least one matching chair. Featured in an astonishing amount of colors, designs […]

Durable Resin Outdoor Furniture

Resin is the perfect material for use in outdoor furniture because it is extremely durable and weather resistant. Resin furniture comes in many forms ranging from patio chairs to dining tables. They are made by injecting plastic resin into a mold to make the parts. Unlike wood furniture, resin is completely uniform in all areas […]

Hanging Bubble Chair

If you’ve read any of our other posts on hanging chairs, you probably know by now that these chairs are super comfortable and stylish. Rope and hammock chairs make a bold statement, but if you really want to turn heads, consider getting a hanging bubble chair. Bubble chairs consist of a large circular seat with […]