Propane Fire Pits (Guide)

Propane fire pits are always a great addition to any backyard, but it can be a hassle to light up real fire logs. An alternative is to use a propane fire pit which uses propane gas to generate fire. These fire pits offer exceptional convenience and beauty, and come in many designs ranging from subtle […]

Copper Fire Pit Guide

Some of the most appealing forms of fire pits are the ones which utilize copper in their design. Copper is a weather resistant metal which has a beautiful gold/bronze color. When kept clean, a copper fire pit will exhibit a dull sheen which is instantly recognizable and eye-catching. Copper Fire Bowl It is important to […]

Kerosene Heaters for the Patio

Kerosene heaters use no electricity and are therefore very portable and energy efficient. Such heaters have uses in emergency situations as well as casual use indoors or out. When used on a patio, a kerosene heater can warm many individuals for an extended period of time. Advantages of Kerosene It is possible to safely store […]