Garden Tool Organizer Variations

  The best way to store a collection of gardening tools is to use a garden tool organizer. As gardeners gain a collection of tools, they can be difficult to manage. Storing them in a tool shed keeps them safe, but requires multiple trips from the garden and shed to access them. To keep the […]

Types of Felco Garden Tools

  Felco garden tools are known for their exceptional quality and durability. Felco uses high quality materials in their tools, including ergonomically shaped rubber grips and precision-honed steel blades. Every part from the recoil springs to the handle lock mechanism is built to last. Felco makes a wide variety of the most essential gardening tools. […]

Garden Trolley Guide

  Avid gardeners often have many tools at their disposal, ranging from protective gloves to garden plows. These tools may be exceptionally helpful but can be a real hassle to transport around the yard as you work. Instead of traveling back and forth between the garden shed and the yard consider using a garden trolley […]

Garden Plow Variations

  How do you choose the right garden plow? The first step is understanding what a garden plow does in the garden and the variations in tool sizes. Garden plows are designed to create rows in the ground for planting seeds in. They can also be used for tilling and raking. A simple hand plow […]