Duraworx Products

  Duraworx Gloves Duraworx offers a variety of unisex work gloves for the garden. Their highest quality models are made with real leather on the exterior, keeping the hands safe from thorns and blisters. Some of these gloves incorporate Spandex material in the back to allow for expansion while fitting the gloves over hands of […]

Duraworx Plastic Dump Cart

  Gardeners have their work cut out for them. Many gardeners transport heavy loads of soil, rocks and plat materials around the garden on a daily basis. Moving this material with a shovel and bucket can be quite a demanding task. Wheelbarrows might seem like a good tool for the job, but they have a […]

Rubbermaid Carts – The Helping Hand

Everyone can use a little help when moving things from place to place. Whether you're a librarian who needs to sort books or a handyman that needs to organize your tools, Rubbermaid carts can come in handy. These carts are designed for light to heavy usage and can carry up to several hundred pounds at […]