How To Create A Decomposed Granite Patio

Decomposed granite is a high quality surfacing material which is similar to gravel in texture. However, DG is known to come in far more beautiful colors and varieties. Learn how to create a patio out of DG below. 1. Choose a Variety A decomposed granite patio can be created with several different varieties of granite. […]

3 Deck Railing Ideas

Before building a new deck, looking at examples can help to gauge what style you want to build. Whether you’re into contemporary, country or rustic deck styles, there is something for everyone. The following are three of the most widely used deck railing ideas which you can use to prepare for a new railing project. […]

How to Build Your Own Above Ground Pool Decks

Learn How to Build Your Pool Deck Above ground pools are highly desired for their ease of installation, but can be awkward to enter and exit. Most above ground pools are accessed with a single precarious ladder than can be difficult to climb. Installing an above ground pool deck is the obvious solution. Above ground […]

How to Build A Deck Railing

  All raised decks should be equipped with sturdy railings which run around all edges of the deck. These railings are designed primarily for safety, but do not have to be an eyesore. Whether building them yourself or hiring a company, a deck railing can be designed to perfectly match your deck’s color and design. […]

How to Build Deck Stairs

Building Deck Stairs: Here are the basics on how to build deck stairs: Step 1: Choose Material Deck stairs can be manufactured using wood, composite or a combination of both. A common setup is to use wood for the frame and composite for the stair tread. Two beams are needed for the top of each […]