Tips for Bench Cushions

The following three sections describe how to measure, create and improve your patio bench cushions. Read on to learn more. Section 1: Measuring a Bench Cushion A measuring tape of yard stick will help greatly in the following steps. Begin by taking measurements of the length and width of your current bench. Many manufacturers build […]

Care for Patio Furniture Cushions

If a patio cushion is in good repair, it can be cleaned using a simple cleaning mixture. When a cushion gets so worn that it can no longer be used, it helps to take measurements of the patio furniture to ensure that the new cushions will fit properly. Learn more below. Measuring for New Patio […]

Outdoor Furniture Cushions

Ever since the first backyard lounger sat on a hard bench, homeowners have been buying and using outdoor furniture cushions. This article is intended to help any consumers that have chosen to search online for those soft, puffy items. Desired Characteristics of Outdoor Furniture Cushions Any cushioning material that is placed on a seat that […]