Installing Pavers Over Concrete

Many home owners have patios, driveways and walkways which are made of concrete. Those who find these grey slabs rather bland may desire to replace the concrete with pavers. Some paver companies suggest tearing out the old concrete to create a sand/gravel base for the new pavers. However, it is possible to install pavers over […]

Retaining Wall Ideas

  Basic retaining walls consist of a wall of bricks which are stacked at an angle against a mound of dirt. While it may appear that the wall is holding back enormous amounts of weight, they are actually holding relatively little. To build a strong retaining wall you build it at a slight slant, regardless […]

Driveway Pavers – Driveway Paving – Brick Pavers

A great way to rid yourself of that unsightly concrete driveway is to install driveway pavers. These pavers cover up all of the messy cracks and discoloration which is so prevalent on bare concrete driveways. Many kinds of driveway paving bricks are made from natural materials like stone, which can last a lifetime or more. […]

Epoxy Shield Garage Floor Sealer

Concrete surfaces are some of the toughest and most resilient around. That’s why they’re used in places of high traffic like garages and patios. Concrete actually becomes increasingly stronger over time. However, concrete can be difficult to clean especially when exposed to chemicals and oils. Car oils leaking from your vehicle can be very difficult […]

What Is Concrete Paint And Stain?

Why use concrete paint?  The invention of concrete is an industrial miracle that people all too often take for granted. The very foundation of our homes relies on long lasting concrete to hold up many tons of weight. While most people envision concrete in industrial applications, it can have an aesthetic appeal for uses in the […]