What is Composting and How to Start

What exactly is composting? In simple terms, composting is a process that results in having a nutrient-rich humus to apply to soils wherever you like. This nutrient rich mix restores vitality and fuels vigorous growth in plants when applied. If you like think of compost in terms of a conditioner for soils. It provides nutrients […]

Guide to a Back Porch Compost Tumbler

Composting in the backyard is not only a great way to obtain nutrient-rich compost for your plants, it allows gardeners to recycle plant and food waste. A back porch compost tumbler is a small and manageable composting solution that anyone can use. Waste is added to the unit regularly where it decomposes inside. In about […]

Recycle Waste Into Plant Feed Using A Wormery

  A wormery is an easy to use and clean way to recycle most kitchen waste. Did you know that about a third of all food bought is thrown out and put into landfills? The massive amount of food that is thrown out every year not only costs people money, but has an adverse impact […]