Buying Tips for Rocking Chairs

A truly timeless piece of furniture, the rocking chair is a tool of comfort and peace. Often seen gracing a garden or patio, rocking chairs go back a long time but are still intensely popular today. Learn more about these chairs below. Choosing a Material Plastic rocking chairs have the advantage of being lightweight and […]

Poolside Furniture Ideas and Designs

Pool furniture comes in all shapes and sizes, and is used both in and outside of the pool. The most commonly used types of pool furniture include chaise lounges, pool floats and dining/patio sets. The sheer number of pool furniture ideas out there can leave a person overwhelmed. However, by sticking with durable furniture pieces […]

How to Repaint/Refinish Old Wicker Chairs

Wicker chairs can be difficult, if not impossible to repair once the strands start to crack. When regular wear-and-tear is sighted, owners should act quickly to preserve the chair. This can be done with the re-application of paint, liquid protector or a combination of both. Read on to learn how. Repainting a Wicker Chair 1) […]

Zero Gravity Chair

People who have back and joint problems can find a much needed reprieve in a zero gravity chair. Zero gravity chairs are designed to provide excellent full body support by suspending users over a fabric backing. They are most often seen in lounge chair form, although eccentric pieces like hammocks are available too. There are […]

Outdoor Sofa Sets

Getting the comfort of a couch out on the patio can be possible with the addition of an outdoor sofa. Simply dragging your interior sofa outdoors will quickly result in disappointment as the delicate fabric becomes clogged with dirt and damaged by the sun. Outdoor sofas are designed with special materials which resist UV sunlight […]