Hammock Chair Styles and Mounting Methods

Perhaps the most comfortable outdoor chair is known as the hammock chair. It hangs from virtually any solid structure and suspends the body in the air. Learn how to hang one yourself as well as what different styles are available. Hanging Method 1: Freestyle Your typical hammock chair has a bracer bar at the top […]

Care for Patio Furniture Cushions

If a patio cushion is in good repair, it can be cleaned using a simple cleaning mixture. When a cushion gets so worn that it can no longer be used, it helps to take measurements of the patio furniture to ensure that the new cushions will fit properly. Learn more below. Measuring for New Patio […]

Zero Gravity Chair

People who have back and joint problems can find a much needed reprieve in a zero gravity chair. Zero gravity chairs are designed to provide excellent full body support by suspending users over a fabric backing. They are most often seen in lounge chair form, although eccentric pieces like hammocks are available too. There are […]

Outdoor Bar Stools – Bar Furniture

Outdoor bar stools provide durable seating for both portable and fixed patio bars. Their shape and height is designed to position the user at just the right position for bar use. Usually sol in sets of two, an outdoor bar stool can come in any color to match your outdoor bar. These stools are different […]

Folding Stool Products

Converting every piece of furniture you have into a folding model can save countless amounts of floor space. While stools may be one of our favorite types of seating, they tend to take up more space than desired. When you want to convert the kitchen island into a cooking station or need some portable seats […]