What is Grass Carpet?

Known as a grass carpet or area rug, these special kinds of outdoor carpets mimic a grassy lawn in both texture and color. The purpose of having a piece of carpet which looks like grass depends on the user. Some people like to place these carpets on their patio, while others like to create makeshift […]

Outdoor Carpet – Rug Carpeting

Outdoor carpet differs from the kind we have in our living room because it is specially engineered for outdoor use. This kind of carpet must be able to withstand additional hardships not typically seen indoors. UV sunlight, moisture, bugs, dirt and frequent trafficking are all things that an outdoor carpet needs to combat. To do […]

Indoor Outdoor Carpet

Carpets do not have to be restricted to the inside of the home. In fact, by using indoor outdoor carpet, a backyard or patio can have a homey feel just like the living room or kitchen. Unlike regular carpet which can quickly tarnish and stain, carpet of this style is designed to resist all weather […]