Folding Stool Products

Converting every piece of furniture you have into a folding model can save countless amounts of floor space. While stools may be one of our favorite types of seating, they tend to take up more space than desired. When you want to convert the kitchen island into a cooking station or need some portable seats […]

Portable Bar

  When you are serving drinks to your guests, the last thing you want is to run into the kitchen for supplies. Portable bars keep the conversation flowing by keeping every wine bottle and accessory within arm’s length. A portable bar is not limited to any strict location because it has wheels on the bottom. […]

Outdoor Wood Furniture

Some may say that plastic furniture is more practical, but no yard is really complete without at least one piece of outdoor wood furniture. Furniture made of wood has a quaint charm that few can match. Wood is often stained a variety of colors, allowing the intricate wood grain to show through. Other pieces use […]

What is a Portable Picnic Table?

There is no better way to spend a warm spring day than with your family on a picnic. The typical picnic excursion is portrayed with a checkered sheet sprawled across the ground with tasty treats placed on top. The problem with this setup is that picnic-goers are required to sit on the ground, which can […]

Adjustable Height Folding Table Guide

When you are hosting an outdoor event at the home or on the go, having enough tables can make or break the experience. Large groups of people always need a place to put their beverages and snacks. Without the right tables, people won't have any place to dine or converse. Most likely, you don't keep […]