Care for Wooden Benches

Chipped and cracking wooden benches are no fun to look at, much less sit on. With some simple cleaning and restoration techniques you can learn how to keep a wooden bench in good shape, as well as repair it if necessary. Maintaining Wooden Benches Wooden benches suffer from weather damage just like any material. Being […]

Outdoor Wood Furniture

Some may say that plastic furniture is more practical, but no yard is really complete without at least one piece of outdoor wood furniture. Furniture made of wood has a quaint charm that few can match. Wood is often stained a variety of colors, allowing the intricate wood grain to show through. Other pieces use […]

Work Comfortably with a Garden Potting Bench

  When gardeners need an extra hand around the garden, they turn to a product called a garden potting bench. Although called a bench, they are actually tables which act as a raised working platform for gardening tasks. Filling pots, mixing soil and other tasks can all be completed while standing or sitting comfortably. Gone […]

Gardening with Potting Benches

Potting benches consist of a raised platform from which a variety of gardening tasks can take place. Many of the tasks that require painful bending and kneeling can be completed on one of these benches. Transplanting, mixing soil, preparing pots and more can be done comfortably while standing up or sitting in a chair. One […]