Tips for Bench Cushions

The following three sections describe how to measure, create and improve your patio bench cushions. Read on to learn more. Section 1: Measuring a Bench Cushion A measuring tape of yard stick will help greatly in the following steps. Begin by taking measurements of the length and width of your current bench. Many manufacturers build […]

Work Comfortably with a Garden Potting Bench

  When gardeners need an extra hand around the garden, they turn to a product called a garden potting bench. Although called a bench, they are actually tables which act as a raised working platform for gardening tasks. Filling pots, mixing soil and other tasks can all be completed while standing or sitting comfortably. Gone […]

Preparing Pots on a Potting Bench

  Gardening on your hands and knees can be uncomfortable. A potting bench provides gardeners with a raised work surface from where they can prepare pots and soil in comfort. Potting benches are designed specifically for gardening jobs. On the durable work table, users can fill pots with soil, prune their potted plants, add fertilizer […]