Suncast Storage Shed Products

If you have ever owned a shed before, you may know that many of them can be difficult to set up and almost impossible to move. The difference that a Suncast shed has over other brands is the ease of assembly, high strength resin construction and durability. Sheds made of wood can rot and require frequent coats of lacquer to remain water resistant. Steel sheds are at risk of rusting and can be a real pain to assemble. Suncast sheds come in a series of snap-together panels and can be set up within an hour or two, depending on the shed’s size. To get an idea of the sheds that Suncast offers, take a look at some of Suncast Storage Shedthese examples.

Extra Large Shed

The extra large model provides over 44 square feet of storage space, enough to store a ride-on lawnmower plus lots more. The best part is that the entire walk-in shed assembles without the need for tools. Not many sheds can make a claim like this. The large resin panels keep your goods secure and safe from the weather. Yard tools, bicycles, furniture, boxes and more can be placed in an organized fashion inside the shed. Large objects can be easily maneuvered inside courtesy of the extra wide door opening. The double doors can be locked up for security. The next size down is the large model which offers about 32 square feet of space and come with the same features.

Vertical Storage Unit

Tall and thin, the Suncast vertical storage shed provides ample room for tools of all shapes. The weather resistant resin panels provide protection from the weather, which is especially helpful in preventing tools from rusting. Vertical shed units are the perfect solution for clean-looking garage and backyard storage. Items can be placed on the floor panel as well as leaned up against the beck and sides. Leaning up your tools against a bare wall can look cluttered. The vertical shed provides a convenient place to store all of them.

Horizontal Shed Unit

Suncast horizontal sheds could effectively be described as plastic chests for outdoor use. These units have ample space inside for paint buckets, small trash bins, yard tools, or anything else you want to hide away and keep protected. A single or double hinged door at the top gives full access to the storage space inside. Some models feature front-load doors with a convenient entry ramp. Clearing up yard clutter becomes a breeze with the organizational options provided by Suncast. When compared to steel sheds, Suncast products outperform them in almost every way.