Choosing An Indoor Hanging Chair

Indoor Hanging ChairAlthough hanging chairs are commonly used outdoors, you can also bring this comfort inside having the indoor hanging chair. There are a few varieties, specifically the rope, hammock and bubble chair, that go particularly well in offices, bedrooms and more.  As you may know, these chairs hang from the ceiling from a wood beam. It is important that you use a stud finder to locate a beam underneath the drywall for secure mounting. When installed properly, many of these chairs can hold a couple hundred pounds. An alternative is to use a special indoor hanging chair mount. These mounts sit freely on the floor and can be moved from place to place. Comfortable padding combined with a floating-on-air sensation makes these chairs prized among people looking for ultimate comfort in their homes.

Hammock Chair

Despite their name, hammock chairs are actually more chair-like than hammock-like. They work by holding up a rigid cushioned chair from a series of ropes. Many of these chairs are coupled with a hanging leg stand as shown in the picture on the right. This allows users to sprawl out, sit back, and swing in comfort. A wooden or metal frame keeps the seat in chair form while allowing you to swing freely. Additional features include cup holders, book slots, and adjustable ropes.

Rope Chair

These chairs are made entirely from rope made from cotton, polyester or other materials. The rope is woven into a mesh chair which hangs from an overhead retainer bar. This bar opens up the mesh so you can enter and exit easily. It also ensures that the mesh retains a chair-like form while sitting inside. The mesh can expand outward, allowing your legs and feet to get support. You can choose to sit in an upright position, or lie back to catch some sleep.

Bubble Chair

Bubble chairs are unique in that they consist of a hollow semi-sphere where users sit inside. This ultra modern design looks great in offices and kid’s bedrooms. People get a kick out of the surreal sensation they get while lounging inside. Bubble chairs come in a variety of fantastic colors, although the clear shelled varieties are definitely a favorite. They hang just like any other hanging chair, able to attach to the ceiling or a mount. A metal retainer ring sits around the opening of the hanging bubble chair from which the chain attaches to. The height of the swinging chair can be adjusted by switching chain links.