How to Grow Grass


How to Grow Grass

It is important to realize that planting a lawn is not difficult at all. In fact, it can be done almost by anyone.


Just keep in mind the following while sowing grass seed;

  • Always get the best quality grass seed in order to get the best results.
  • You need to purchase grass seeds that will provide rich green color and be disease and insect resistant too.


Do note that the price of grass seed is minuscule, compared to the time invested in to ensure a good lawn – so get the best grass seed to grow the best lawn.

Fundamental to Growing Good Grass is to prepare the soil well. This is done by:

  • loosening the top few inches of soil
  • remove any debris like stones and sticks
  • break up all the large soil clumps but do not make them too fine
  • level the area so that excess water does not collect anywhere


Remember to fertilize after sowing the seed with a starter fertilizer, but ensure that you do not use any weed killers before or after you have sown seed.

How to Plant Grass Seed

  • the easiest is by spreading, this is done by throwing the seed from your hand
  • in larger areas use a lawn spreader or mechanical seeders


Amount of Seed to Use

Approximately 16 seeds are to be sowed per square inch. If seeds are planted too close together the seedlings will have to fight for space and nutrients, this leads to weak and/or thin grass.

When to Sow Grass Seed

The best results are achieved by planting in the spring or in the fall. If you plant grass seeds in the fall, make sure it is able to germinate fully before the temperature gets too low. This will depend on your region.
If you decide to plant in the spring you will have warmer weather on your side to stimulate good growth.


To ensure that a good lawn develops make sure you keep your grass seed bed moist at all times, it must never dry out. The roots must always be moist or they will die.


Don’t worry about controlling any weeds until you have mown the grass at least 3 times.





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