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Homelite Weed Wacker


Homelite is a manufacturer of many home care products, including their famous Mighty Lite weed wacker. This unit Homelite Weed Wackerwas introduced some years ago, but remains popular among people who have used it. When their trimmer breaks down, they often search the internet for Homelite Weed Wacker parts. However, these parts can be difficult to find. Fortunately, Homelite performs factory recondition on old models and sells the wackers at a decent price. While the outside may not be pristine, they are guaranteed to work like new. Wee wackers have become an omnipresent part of any yard with a lawn. They work to cut grass quickly and efficiently using reloadable plastic string. Let’s take a look at the features that this weed wacker works.

The cutting blade diameter of a weed wacker is always something to take into consideration. The diameter of the blade refers to how much length of string comes out of the storage barrel. Homelite’s model has a 17 inch cutting area- more than enough to cover a lot of grass in a short time. It uses 0.080 inch plastic line, which can be bought at any home store. To reload the barrel, one must remove it from the base and wind new string around it. After feeding the line through the exit hole, you can screw the barrel back into place. Lightly tapping the weed wacker against the ground when in use will allow new line to come out. The string line gets cut up as it hits material and must be replenished.

A refurbished model is currently being offered on This model has been repaired at the Homelite factory and is in 100 percent operable condition. They even include the Homelite weed wacker manual so you know exactly how to use and maintenance it.

Speaking of mainetance, the Homelite string trimmer needs to be serviced by the user. Being that it is a gasoline engine, you need to mix gasoline with small engine oil before pouring it into the tank. The ratio of this mixture is stated inside of the manual. Videos are available online that show you how t trim a weed wacker motor for maximum operation. The air filter should be replaced every so often as it gets clogged.

With a convenient curved shaft and lightweight 7.9 pound body, this Homelite tool is about as convenient as it gets. Try it out to see for yourself. If you are into battery powered stuff, check out the battery operated weed eater post here on Yardsurfer.

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