Hard Plastic Kiddie Pool – Important Tips to Consider

Hard Plastic Kiddie PoolMost Important Tips for owners of Hard Plastic Kiddie Pools

Youngsters who are too young to safely swim in a full sized pool can still enjoy water in a hard plastic pool. These small pools are lightweight, portable and have a depth of less than 1 foot. Some models have built-in slides for added fun. Learn about proper care and safety measures needed for safe enjoyment.

Daily Cleaning

Hard plastic pools hold a very small volume of water in comparison to a full sized pool. Also, it is not customary to add sanitizing chemicals to the water. As a result, the water inside of a hard plastic pool should be poured out after each use. If not done, bacteria from the children’s bodies can build up in the water. In addition, water which is left to sit outdoors can be a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Don’t let your kids swim in mosquito egg water- wash your hard plastic kiddie pool after every use. Honestly, it does not take that long to refill such a small pool.

Small Pool Safety

A common misconception is that smaller pools are safer for children. It has been proven that children can drown in a water depth of only 1 inch, far shallower than a hard plastic pool filled to the brim. Adults need to be responsible and consistently supervise their kids while playing. There have been many instances where a parent has left their kids for only a few minutes to find their child at the bottom of a pool. This is not a pretty sight.

Pool Games

Small plastic pools can be a water world of playground fun with the right toys. Small balls, squirt guns and floating/sinking toys can be a great asset. Some kids simply love splashing the water with their hands. Be prepared to refill the pool as the children splash the water onto the ground.

Setup Location

Choose a spot which is level and smooth such as a lawn or bare dirt. Rocks can pierce through the bottom of these pools, so avoid them at all costs. The spot should be visible from the home located nearby. Make sure it is within range of the garden hose. If the area is muddy, consider laying out a tarp for the children to walk on, as to avoid muddy feet tracking dirt into the home. Dry-off towels can be kept on a small stool nearby. Children who choose not to swim can sit on a nearby kid’s chair.