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Garden Tool Rack


Experienced gardeners keep a wide range of tools on hand and store them in a garden tool rack. Without a proper means of storing these tools, they can quickly build up and become cluttered. A garden shed can store all of these tools safely, but shelved storage can obscure items and make them difficult to find. Garden tool racks keep every tool out in the open where they can be seen and found quickly. The larger racks stand freely up against a wall or in a corner. Long handled tools are slid into  various slots with their working ends in the air. Other racks mount to the wall with a set of screws. Although smaller, wall mounted racks can make use of space that would otherwise not be used.


Floor Garden Tool Rack

Floor racks are the ultimate storage solution for garden tools. These models sit on the floor, usually in a corner or up against a wall. Most models use two levels of molded plastic connected with metal or plastic poles. Long handles tools can be slid through the top holes to keep them in place. The working ends of the tools stick up in the air so users can quickly find the tool they need. Smaller items can be hung on small notches on the edges of the top shelf. Things like extension cords and gloves can be set on the bottom or top shelf. Corner units have sides which come together at 90 degrees, allowing them to slide right into a corner to maximize storage space. Using these racks in areas like basements or garages will extend their lifespan, but the plastic is durable enough to remain outdoors without cracking, rottign or chipping.

Some garden tool racks, such as the 5E28 model from Rubbermaid, feature wheel casters on the bottom which give them the ability to roll around on smooth surfaces. Users can roll them out of the garage or storage shed during use and roll them back in for safe storage afterward.


Wall Racks

A wall mounted garden tool storage rack can make use of previously unused space. These racks use features like S-hooks, spring loaded clamps and wire racks baskets to organize and store many kinds of tools. Even big tools like rakes and brooms can be hung on many of these models. Others are designed to hold small items like gloves, water spray heads and bottles of weed killer. Small hooks can accommodate hand tools with hanger rings.


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  1. Cara Beed

    November 7, 2014 at 7:52 pm

    Is this tool rack avaioable in Melbourne, Australia? Where can i see one? How much is one? Whbere can i purchase one?

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