Garden Tool Organizer Variations


The best way to store a collection of gardening tools is to use a garden tool organizer. As gardeners gain a collection of Garden Tool Organizertools, they can be difficult to manage. Storing them in a tool shed keeps them safe, but requires multiple trips from the garden and shed to access them. To keep the tools right by their side, gardeners can use a tool organizer. Simply fill up the organizer once at the start of the day, and your tools stay by your side until the job is done. These organizers come in different forms. Choosing the right one depends strongly on what type of help you need and what kinds of jobs you do. This guide discusses several different types of garden tool organizers.

Garden Tool Caddy

Garden caddies are basically a fabric bag with tool slots on the sides. These bags are made from water and rot resistant fabric such as polyester or vinyl. On the outside of the bag is a series of slots in which small hand tools can be placed. Hand tools are placed handle side down so the gardener can see exactly where their tools are. The main chamber of the caddy can be used for storing items such as gloves, seed packets, and even live plants to be transplanted. The tool set can be changed out as needed to accommodate different jobs around the garden. Two handles allow for easy carrying of the caddy even when full.

Bucket caddies, such as the one made by Fiskars, are slightly different in design. These caddies wrap around a standard five-gallon bucket. The tool slots are still available, but the central container is a waterproof bucket instead of fabric. This large bucket can be used to store messy items like soil, rocks and dead plant material.

Garden Trolleys and Seats

Pain caused by sitting and kneeling on bare ground is a common problem for gardeners. Gardey trolleys solve this problem by providing a comfortable seat for gardeners to sit on while working. These seats are low to the ground, allowing for jobs like plowing and seeding to be done without over reaching. Garden trolleys are equipped with wheels that allow them to roll around while sitting. Tools are kept in a storage compartment under the seat.

Gardening seats do not have wheels but are quite portable and lightweight. Many of these seats can fold up for easy storage and have tool compartments on the side. Some can even convert between a kneeler and a seat. A garden kneeler is simply a piece of foam which gardeners rest their knees on while working.


Gardening aprons are popular among men and women alike. These aprons have a garden tools organizer on the front which holds a variety of hand tools. The weight of the tools is evenly distributed over the shoulders for a comfortable experience. They have the dual purpose of keeping a gardener's clothes clean at the same time.


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